Turkey visa-free agreements with 89 countries will terminate

Turkish immigration to solve the crisis of the European Union (EU) countries with the agreement Turkey reached 89 countries dissolves the agreement on the abolition of visas in June.

Among them, tourists from countries including Russia and Iran need a visa to enter Turkey.

Within the scope of the agreement with the EU Schengen zone countries for citizens of Turkey visa-free entry to be given it was agreed that to speed up the process.

However, the EU has proposed one of the requirements for the opening of the door to countries that the EU’s visa apply for Turkey visas to bring him back.

In recent years, both tourism and to boost commercial relations among Turkic republics, Middle East countries and the countries of the former Soviet Union, including the abolition of mutual visa requirements with a total of 89 countries.Under an agreement with the EU, citizens of these countries upon entry into the country visa to be requested again from the month of June.

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