The world's largest oil exporter, Saudi Arabia announced a 50 percent hike over the price of petroleum products in the domestic market.

The king of Saudi Arabia Salman, chaired by the Council of Ministers, an increase of 50 percent the price of a liter of unleaded gasoline 0.60 rial (46 cents) 0.90 riyals (about 70 cents); the price of a liter of regular gasoline percent of 67%, with an increase of rial 0.45 (35 cents) 0.75 riyals (58 cents) decided to raise.AFP; oil price hikes in related news, the official agency of Saudi Arabia is attributed to the spa.The decision of the Council of Ministers to raise the country’s budget is 40 percent, giving a deficit of $ 98 billion in 2015 due to the decline in oil prices came after.

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