The opening ceremony for the barrage and hydroelectric power plants

Completed in 39 cities across Turkey by the private sector hydroelectric power plants (HPP) at the ceremony was the service. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a ceremony which was opened with the participation of the inauguration of hydroelectric power plants and dams. These facilities is estimated at 1.1 billion pounds contribution to the economy.

Organized by the organization of the General Directorate of state hydraulic works was held at the Ankara Arena sports hall. Our President erdoğan as well as Assembly President Ismail Kahraman, forestry and water Affairs Minister veysel eroglu, the Minister of energy and natural resources, berat Albayrak, family and social policy Minister Sema Ramazanoglu ,environment and Urban Planning Minister Fatma guldemet sarı was among the ministers who attended the ceremony. Sabanci holding Chairman Güler sabancı also attended the ceremony.

After the Minister albayrak, erdoğan was the President to the bench. In his speech at the ceremony, Erdogan said: “terror and the attack on the plane alone, even of those who assume a dignified stance in the face of terror a vile, depraved, dark enough to show his face.Now here I am speaking out of our respective institutions. I called yesterday, and today I’m speaking. According to our laws and the Constitution of our respective institutions in the face of treachery, criminal, constitutional and legal requirements they’ll I believe. Here shall never be compromised.”

After Erdogan’s speech, 99, cut the ribbon for the facility. Artvin. Düzce, Ardahan, Adana, Tokat live to facilities in provinces like there is a connection.

The DSi, according to data by the private sector hydroelectric power plant in the last 13 years has been put into operation 422. In this facility the annual production capacity of 40 billion kWh. Services today will be 99 2,200 megawatts total installed power of the facility.The annual energy production capacity of the plant which will start operating in 39 different cities 7 billion 400 million kWh. The annual contribution of the facilities to the country’s economy is expected to be 100 million to 1 billion.

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