The new smoking bans in Turkey

Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu made statements about the new smoking regulation. According to the new regulation, smoking and drinking even when they’re no longer the restaurant business will create in the open field regions that cannot. The beach half of the cigarette can be smoked in half, you cannot drink it. Here’s the scope of the Smoking restrictions:

*According to the new regulation, the open space of a restaurant or tea garden that is located in Smoking by only 25 percent in the period. There will be no smoking in the area of the remaining 75%.

*It’s not a cigarette in the open window, closed cabinets will be sold.

*Smoke free areas smoking area sun beds on the beach, half in, half will be found.

*Shopping malls, crowded in front of the doors of the hospital entrance and exit, also the specific distances will be determined.

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