The most common housing was sold to the Iraqis in Turkey

4.228 residential housing sales to foreigners in Turkey last year took in Iraqi citizens.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) according to the press release, in 2015, foreigners 22.991 was sold for housing.

At the aforementioned time, housing sales to foreigners took 4.228 Iraqi citizens. Housing 2.704 Saudi Arabia, Kuwait housing 2.130, 2.036 housing of the Russian Federation and the UK with houses 1.054 followed.


Approximately 70 percent of Iraqi citizens in Istanbul, Yalova, Antalya and Ankara, including 44 in cities in housing bought. Housing bought about half of the citizens of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. Trabzon, Yalova, and Bursa became the owner of the housing. Approximately 40 percent of housing in 15 cities, including Bursa, the Kuwaitis bought.

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