The longest bridge for Bahceli

The founding congress of the MHP, Chairman Devlet Bahceli, osma0niye province of Turkey on the Seyhan River in Adana, which is the hometown of one of the Foundation’s longest bridges, the Bahceli bridge by March 30 will be the day called Wednesday.

The Seyhan River and Yüregir district and separated by main roads, which will connect the central link in conjunction with the extension of 2450 meters, the 825-metre-long Bridge. Bahceli bridge; 3rd Bosphorus Bridge will be the longest Bridge in Turkey after. In addition, when the bridge is completed, Anatolia, Sanlıurfa and Adıyaman, which is the longest Bridge in the 610 metre bridge connects will acquire the title of nissib. President mhp Adana Metropolitan municipality Hussein Oral, the price of 120 million pounds with the tender, 6-lane bridge over the rail line from the second half of 2017 and a double-day 55 – 60 thousand vehicles to provide transportation, he said.

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