The Correct Location To Invest In Istanbul.

Press prepared to sign on to a big project in the way you Express Cathay Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yilmaz of the Management Board, stated that it would become the center of the urban transformation of this region. Yilmaz, “Turkey in the last year, 1.3 million new homes sold. This is the record of all time. Istanbul gives great opportunities to investors,” he said.

Factories and warehouses are currently located in Levent in Istanbul before the residence and offices of the most prestigious hotels in the area are in the transformation of büyükdere Street, The Rise of Basin Eksspress we expect the same.

“Istanbul to invest in the correct location. Very few places in the world in Istanbul, you’ll get a better return. A project is calculated as 3 years, but actually it takes 5 years. Finish the project in 3-4 years if the annual profit of 20-22 cent, finds. In Europe this figure is close to 5-10 percent. In England the percentage of profits that a real estate investment you make 3-4%. In Berlin this rate is about 2 percent. 15 percent of us’imizle we have no problems. This proportion of income investors from all over the world. I just need to explain it to investors that it is sustainable.”

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