President Tayyip Erdogan: You guys are dark

President Tayyip Erdogan, ‘peace’ 1128 academics to sign the text, the manuscript intellectuals, you guys are dark. It is this colonized mentality. he said. Stating that condemns deplores terrorist incidents, Erdogan said, “the square is a terrorist organization, divisive, destructive we don’t leave,” he said.

There is no such thing as the Kurdish issue in Turkey. Terrorist problem in Turkey, Kurdish is not the issue. But this enlightened stood in the manuscript, and the government is talking about how he did a massacre. Aydin in the manuscript, the darkness is dark to you. You are not enlightened. What is what you guys in the southeast, the East, are too dark to know the address of, and they are ignorant.

The recent terrorist weapon drop or defused in Turkey, this struggle will continue until the terrorist organization is completely destroyed. We can’t get permission from these so called academics. Need to know their limits. Our government, our ministries, our institutions I am calling in. Eat the bread of this state, and this state are enemies of anyone who should be sentenced to the punishment it deserves soon.

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