It's not extraordinary 'new order'.

The National Security Council (NSC) under the chairmanship of President Tayyip Erdogan convened with the main agenda of terrorism and Syria.
MGK, is not exceptional as claimed, starting from this year agreed to be the ‘new order’ was made within the scope of.

The authorities in the past, these meetings were discussed the month of August where promotion and appointment process of the Supreme military council (Yas) meeting of 29 October Republic Day in the month of October with each of the preparations within two months drew attention to the fact that congestion exists to correspond to it.

Henceforth, the NSC will be collected from the month of January. Meetings of the Year, January, March, May, July, September and November will be held.
MGK, meets every two months for many years under EU harmonization laws. In a meeting at the Presidential Palace, the self-government demands for the first time in the southeast in the ditch and floating to the center of the city and measures taken against terror attacks and that it will continue to be taken were discussed.

The second major agenda item of the meeting which is the title of Syrian, Turkish-Syrian border developments, Russia’s progress with air support, forces loyal the Assad regime, in Geneva meeting, and the pyd as ISID struggle with sub-headings were discussed.


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