Golden opportunities for real estate are on the way

2017 for the real estate industry started moving. For the study of the maturity of 240 months interest deduction and pressed the button. Evaluating the latest developments, real estate agency, one of the founding partners of Gül GÜL, “Narrow-and middle-income home is no longer your dream you could have,” she said.Active in the real estate industry is experiencing a day. Emlak konut REIT under the leadership of the industry's leading contractors moved in. Began working for a deferment of 240 months. Also on the issue of low-interest loans pressed the button.


She pointed out that the real estate sector played a key role in the Turkish economy. “Emlak konut REIT, we initiated the study under the leadership of the support. This move is really the activation of both the sector both narrow and moderate-income people will allow you to reach the property you've dreamed of”. In this research, Gül GÜL month by subtracting the 240 is not limited only underlining that, “as is well known, significant decreases in interest rates are spoken. Thus, there will be activity in the economy. I would say that this study is a golden opportunity for the citizens of”


The urban transformation of environment and Urban Planning Minister Mehmet Özhaseki to support what you said about Gül Gül, “Özhaseki, said that approximately 250 thousand to 50 thousand houses there is a risk of the structure. Speed up the transformation of urban this and similar studies, will allow a more secure world to live in.”

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