Gold fell !

After leaving rates unchanged, the Fed last quarter, gold prices fell up to 176 TL. The Central Bank of America (fed) in the quarter due to leave rates unchanged after the meeting, gold prices began to fall. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting decisions gold, declined to 175,83 TL as of these moments.

Quarter Gold
Purchase price: 171,55 TL
Sale price: 175,83 TL
Half Gold
Purchase price: 343,09 TL
Sale price: 351,67 TL
Full Gold Horse
Purchase price: 706,21 TL
Sale price: 720,24 TL

Republic Gold
Purchase price: 710,19 TL
Sale price: 720,93 TL
Resat Gold
Purchase price: 731,68 TL
Sale price: 742,74 TL

24-Carat Gold Bullion
Purchase price: 107,13 TL
Sale price: £ 107,16 TL
22-Carat Bracelet
Purchase price: 97,20 TL
Sale price: 98,00 TL
Gold (Ounces)
Purchase price: 1.119,14 TL
Sale price: 1.119,28 TL

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