Revere Başakşehir

Price: $ 264.000 Ref: atavba22
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir
  • Revere Başakşehir

Revere Başakşehir is an 8-block mixed-use project with 420 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments on 25.000 m2.

Type: Residence
Location: İSTANBUL - Başakşehir
Parking Garage
Social Facilities
High Investment Value
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Why buy this Property
  • Elegant and attractive interior and exterior finishes
  • Large apartment rooms and spacious patios with a unique outlook
  • Conveniently located near a wide range of educational institutions (both public and private) and medical facilities
  • The project is located in the Basaksehir neighborhood, which is one of the most significant residential and investment zones in the heart of Istanbul's European portion.

New Life Center: Revere Başakşehir

Revere Başakşehir, the city's new center, awaits you with its location, investment opportunities, and other unique features.

Consider a project that is an investment in your future, equipped with social facilities, where you will live in peace with your loved ones in the safe environment of the complex life, where your children can easily reach their school, where you can enjoy the day, and is centrally located.

Involved in Social Life

Are you ready to live in a central location where you can easily find everything you need and get anywhere?

Revere Başakşehir is an ideal project for both living and investing because it is located in the heart of Başakşehir, one of Istanbul's fastest developing areas, and it is more advantageous than other projects in the region.

With its proximity to the Olympic Stadium, the Halkal-Airport metro line, the TEM, and the Kuzey Marmara Motorway, Avrasya Başakşehir 2 is also a transportation hub. With its diverse transportation options, the project will both simplify your life and add value to your investment.

  • 3 minutes by metro
  • 3 minutes to the Olympic Stadium
  • 15 minutes to Istanbul Airport (by car)

Revere Başakşehir is also notable for its proximity to medical facilities. The Başakşehir and Sakura City Hospital, which is built on a massive 789,031 m2 plot of land and consists of 10 blocks, is one of the city's most important health centers and is only 3 minutes away.

Çam and Sakura Botanical Park

You can spend a day reconnecting with nature and taking a walk in the open air at the Çam and Sakura Botanical Parks, which are both easily accessible from Revere Başakşehir. The first stage of the 78.000 m2 Sakura Botanical Park, designed with the concept of a Japanese park, will add a different pleasure to your day with a bicycle track, walking path, adventure park, skateboard, skate, amphitheater, and children's playgrounds.

Water Walley in Başakşehir

Revere Başakşehir is only a few minutes away from Başakşehir Water Valley, one of Istanbul's most enjoyable social living areas. With its amphitheater, shopping mall, cafes, and restaurants, Başakşehir Water Valley, which is easily accessible from your home, will allow you to spend a pleasant day with your loved ones.

The Ideal Blend of Horizontal Architecture and Peace

Revere Başakşehir has been designed with a wide distance between the blocks to provide you with plenty of green space for a more spacious life. All apartments on the garden and second floors have a private garden, and all apartments on the other floors have large balconies, so you can take a short break from the hustle and bustle of life and take a deep breath.

The 1,400 m2 social area of the project includes two swimming pools, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a fitness center, a children's playground area, walking paths, sitting areas, and other amenities. The project also includes an indoor and outdoor parking lot with a total capacity of 540.

A mixed project with commercial and residential units and built on a land area of 25.000 m², Revere Başakşehir consists of 8 blocks and 420 apartments designed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1.

Revere Başakşehir Price
1+1 93 $ 312.000
3+1 131 $ 418.000
4+1 257 $ 965.000

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