Castlerock Mansions

Price: $ 1.580.000 Ref: atveya09
  • Castlerock Mansions
  • Castlerock Mansions
  • Castlerock Mansions
  • Castlerock Mansions
  • Castlerock Mansions
  • Castlerock Mansions

This project is in Istanbul's most well-preserved, cleanest, and healthiest neighborhood, Tuzla Mercan Cove. The concept offers a luxurious world in two steps, free from metropolitan stress. Waves, wind, and birdsong.

Type: Villa
Location: İSTANBUL - Tuzla
Parking Garage
Garden and Playground
Social Facilities
High Investment Value
Sea View
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Why buy this Property

The most unique location in Istanbul features lush green nature, a crystal clear beach, a view of islands, a spacious residential location with sufficient detachment, and an environment where you can live peacefully in all seasons of the year..


  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport 18 km
  • ASM John Hopkins Hospital 10 km
  • Viaport Marina AVM 4 km
  • Marmaray 5 km
  • Sabancı University 15 km

Istanbul's New Mansions

This precious project is located on the seafront at Tuzla Mercan Cove, a piece of paradise nestled in Istanbul's most well-preserved, cleanest, and healthiest neighborhood. The project aims to offer a wealthy world in two steps, away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the city. Feel the waves, the wind, and the cheeping of birds.

You and the Green and Blue

A prestigious seafront location surrounded by the distinct beauty of each shade of green and blue, sea sparkles, seagulls, the sun, and the stars... A breathtaking view awaits you on the terraces, which have been specially designed to receive sunlight gradually throughout the day. 80% of the area at Castlerock Mansions is dedicated to landscapes such as ponds, fountains, grass areas, gardens of various concepts such as a forest garden, silent garden, rose and flower garden, Zen Garden, secret garden, cherry and lavender garden, cocoon pergolas, waterfront relaxing areas, piers and bridges, multi-layered sports areas and beach terraces, as well as a beach on the seashore to make life outdoors a true feast.

Have a relaxing holiday at home.

To enjoy the holiday spirit, you will have direct access to the sea via the pristine sandy beach of Castlerock Mansions. Castlerock Mansions provides several outdoor sports areas where you can have fun with your loved ones and organize fun tournaments with your neighbors in a perfect environment covering a 1,400 square-meter area.

Have a good time on the squash wall, tennis court, basketball court, or football field... Each offers a distinct pleasure while overlooking the sea. In the summer, you can sunbathe on the green grass and cool off in the seafront swimming pool, which transforms into an indoor pool in the winter to provide a perfect atmosphere.

You can enjoy gourmet delicacies and delicious coffees with your loved ones at the cafe while admiring the perfect view of the skyline, as well as a fitness center with sauna and steam rooms and cutting-edge gym equipment overlooking the sea. You will take the first step toward a seaside lifestyle by allowing your children to take sailing and surfing lessons.

Apartments with a Unique Design

Large and spacious areas are provided not only inside but also outside the apartments by floor-to-ceiling glass walls and wooden sliding shades. The interiors are pleasant, with 53 square meter living rooms and a kitchen with breathtaking views.

Mansion Concept for the Next Generation

Each floor has only two flats to allow for customization and to give residents the feeling of living in their own detached house. Residents will have direct access to their own flats due to the unique design of the apartments, and they will not have to pass by their neighbor's flat.

Landscape elements will be used to separate the blocks while also contributing to an intimate community culture and providing a peaceful and customized space for large families who want to live together.

Castlerock Mansions Price
3,5+1 186-214 $ 1.580.000 - $ 1.890.000
4,5+1 230-258 $ 1.630.000 - $ 3.920.000
5,5+1 277-362 $ 2.520.000 - $ 5.710.000

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