Bunker Hill Ataşehir

Price: $ 768.000 Ref: atatmo21
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir
  • Bunker Hill Ataşehir

The brand new project, the new focal point of those who enjoy life, offers its residents both safe and happy tomorrows with flat alternatives from 1+1 to 5+1.

Type: Residence
Location: İSTANBUL - Ataşehir
Parking Garage
Swimming Pool
High Investment Value
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Why buy this Property
  • Amazing view of the Bosphorus, Istanbul, and the Princess Islands
  • Located in the most important and prestigious area in the Asian section of the city
  • It comprises all services, such as swimming pools, clubs, playgrounds, green areas, and many more, that ensure the inhabitants' ultimate well-being.
  • A key investment location since it is surrounded by comprehensive services and several well-known retail malls and subway stations, some of which are already open and others that are under construction.

Enjoy The Benefits of Your Dream Life Against the Sea and the Prince Islands

Bunker Hill Ataşehir awaits you with life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the most beautiful view of the city. Witnessing the magnificent view of Istanbul, which is full of countless beauties, is just one of the many benefits of staying here.

In the heart of Istanbul, you can smell both the greenest grass and the enticing scent of flowers. Bunker Hill Ataşehir's breathtaking natural environment allows you to escape the stress and intensity of everyday life. Every day, enjoy the soothing sensation of rain and watch the sunrise. All the beauties of nature are available to you in Bunker Hill Ataşehir!

Bunker Hill Ataşehir is home to happy children.

Bunker Hill Ataşehir is the preferred location for parents who want their children to grow up with fond memories. With its delicately designed playgrounds, the project offers your children an unparalleled opportunity for socialization.

Furthermore, thanks to the schools near Bunker Hill Ataşehir, your children will receive an education without leaving the safe confines of your home. What is left for you to do is concentrate on their happiness. Children in the peaceful and joyful living environment of Istanbul's Bunker Hill Ataşehir are the brightest future of our tomorrow.

For Those Who Want to Have Fun in Life

Bunker Hill Ataşehir, where you can easily meet your shopping needs, guarantees a pleasurable experience. Bazaars, stores, and markets are all available to meet your needs.

Adults will have a good time as well with Bunker Hill Ataşehir's gaming zones. The movie theater will satisfy everyone's desire for art. You won't be able to get enough of the quality time you spend with your loved ones in cafes and restaurants in your new home.

Bunker Hill Ataşehir's Modern and Healthy Lifestyle

Bunker Hill Ataşehir introduces you to the most enjoyable sport and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Fun games on the semi-basketball court and pleasant walks in the fresh air are available here. Furthermore, physical activities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers, and so on can help you live a healthy life.

Different Social Facilities to Make Your Life Easier

Bunker Hill Ataşehir offers a luxurious lifestyle with three towers that are independently located. The project provides a wide range of social activities, from health to sports, relaxation to entertainment, for people of all ages.

Bunker Hill Ataşehir Price
1+1 88-183 $ 768.000 - $ 1.145.000
2+1 124-275 $ 1.145.000 - $ 2.600.000
2,5+1 149-182 $ 1.147.000 - $ 1.230.000
3+1 164-375 $ 1.230.000 - $ 240.000
4+1 233-390 $ 2.250.000 - $ 4.100.000
5+1 310-1108 $ 2.500.000 - $ 10.000.000

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