Andera Park

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  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park
  • Andera Park

Between Nişantaşı and Şişli is a prestigious project. Residences, offices, hotels, and malls comprise project.

Type: Residence , Office
Location: İSTANBUL - Şişli
Parking Garage
Social Facilities
High Investment Value
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Sea View
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Why buy this Property
  • Istanbul's most popular area.
  • Istanbul's most prestigious touristic neighborhood is Nişantaşı.
  • Centrally located.
  • Large balconies with excellent views.
  • Significant architectural design.

Andera Park Nişantaşı

Courtyards and squares, fundamental components of European urban architecture, are indispensable to city life. Andera Park reinterprets the courtyard concept in a contemporary manner by combining shopping, dining, and socializing outlets in a setting that encourages relaxation and socialization in the city. Designed to create public meeting places out of shared spaces hidden between buildings in order to provide pedestrian access, the project's inner courtyards are surrounded by buildings with units suitable for commerce, dining, and meetings, especially those at street level. This urban mixed-use structure provides new retail, commercial, residential, and hotel areas on a level playing field. Offering simple access through courtyards, the structure generates a unique harmony in terms of both its own dynamic and the surrounding urban texture.

One of Andera Park's distinguishing characteristics is the use of terrazzo on the floor, which draws attention with its many color combinations. Terrazzo, a classic material, infuses Andera Park with a sense of modernity by combining unexpected colors and patterns.

The (-3) level, with its link to the metro, will also function as a communal space for performing arts and cultural activities.

The ground level, which is accessible via Halaskargazi Street, is a semi-open public space featuring restaurants, cafés, seating places, and street connections. The natural stones on the floor, the seats, the landscape of natural plants, and the installations enriched with flora all contributed to the creation of a courtyard where the internal and outdoor are connected. The translucent canopies in this area allow for the optimum utilization of natural light and the unbroken transmission of light to lower floors, providing all floors with a well-lit and contemporary ambiance.


  • 600 A parking spot for 600 automobiles.
  • 99 Office
  • A Hotel 
  • 146 Rooms
  • 62 Residences
  • 18 Cafes & Restaurants
  • 15.000m2 of Rentable Space
  • 54 Shops
Andera Park Price
1+1 153-268 $ 816.000 - $ 1.239.000
2+1 231-271 $ 1.070.000 - $ 1.570.000
3+1 244-403 $ 1.125.000 - $ 2.396.000
4+1 298-517 $ 1.487.000 - $ 2.396.000
1+1 Office 135-207 $ 635.000 - $ 952.000
2+1 Office 237-354 $ 1.324.000 - $ 1.818.000
3+1 Office 345-346 $ 1.983.000 - $ 1.995.000

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