Dollar; in the bottom of 4 months was observed.

$ / TL , An interest rate hike by the Fed would be cautious in that the bottom of the description, followed by 4 months of saw. Yesterday, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen an interest rate hike by the Fed to behave in parallel with the increase in the global risk appetite 2.84 cautious about then tell who test below the level of dollar/TL-down motion may continue today.

Yesterday in the closing hours of the markets 2.8662/2.8667 at the level of the dollar/TL, the lowest since November until 23 o’clock 2.8359 fell. this morning 2.8433/2.8445 level.

At the same time yesterday 3.0387/3.0397 3.0276 the basket level on the basis of TL/3.0292. 3.2120/3.2133 at the level of the euro/TL; 3.2122/3.2140 level of trading.

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