6 powerful reasons to make housing investment

Ups and downs of living foreign exchange, gold, stock market and other market investors outside the real estate sector is the safest way to leave half of the argument.

The growing interest of foreigners in Turkey, Airport, high speed rail when considering the popularity of mega projects such as urban renewal housing investment it seems likely that will continue in 2016.

1. Housing prices continues to increase in all conditions.

2. The number of foreign investors in Turkey is increasing every year.

3. Third, and most important factor 3.Airport 3.Mega projects such as Bridge and Metro. Housing prices are rapidly going up in surrounding areas as the project grows clearer routes.

4. In Istanbul, particularly in housing rent prices are increasing. This means a high rental return.

5. After the urban transformation, to a very large value is going to increase.

6. Double your savings by investing in housing and the environment in transformation areas. Almost always you will get gain from the soil over the construction of a circle that is the apartment will be more than.

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