1 month of gold saw the bottom of.

Gold prices today due to the appreciation of the dollar, the lowest level seen in the last month. Federal Reserve officials meeting to be held in the month of April, losses in will be increased interest rates contributed to that explanation.

Gold prices today fell to a month low in the last one. The price of spot gold fell 0.5 percent on 1,209 per ounce.Are traded for $ 85, while the session in the early hours of 1,208.$ 90 saw declining prices, the lowest level since February 23.


The Friday pretty day characterized by low volume a gram of gold a week 112,56 pounds completed. Gram gold at this moment, Lira finds a buyer from 112,55 horizontal navigation than the previous close. 185 pounds at the Grand Bazaar at this moment a quarter of gold, Republic gold sold at £ 753.

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