NASA measured the temperature of hell!

NASA, temperature of a planet outside our solar system for the first time pulled out a map. ‘Super-earth’ is known as the temperature on the day side of the planet 2426 degrees. The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Spitzer Telescope, the temperature of a planet outside the solar system for the first time pulled out a map. Covered with a lake of lava and magma, this ‘super-earth’ draws attention to the severe atmospheric conditions.

Olivier Brice Memory from the University of Cambridge in England led the research team from Earth 40 light years away (1 Light year = about 10 trillion kilometers) ’55 Cancri e’, is named rocky new information about the planet’s atmosphere was reached. From the world 17 times the size of the planets until reaching ‘Super-earth’ is classified as.

That is approximately 2 times larger from Earth, and orbiting very close to its star planet a year of watching just 18 hours. The part of the planet facing the star does not change. This ’55 Cancri e’s face almost cook the other side, have kept it cooler. According to the data obtained with the spitzer telescope, the planet’s daytime surface temperature on the side of the unchanging 2426 degrees. 1126 degree was determined as the temperature of the Night side.

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