Limak Thermal Boutique Hotel are fascinated with nature.

The guests of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on the hotel’s terrace guests can sit and eat, play backgammon in the garden to relax, to enjoy the healing thermal waters that one finds now, if you want great old hotel in the county of Yalova thermal, you can restart the service.


Limak Tourism general Coordinator, Kaan Kavaloglu in tourism coming to this hotel for prestige purposes certain stage limak noting that it is launching “Commercial: we’re not emotional. We are honored and happy for you as you experience the legacy of Atatürk. We aim to provide a service worthy of the history of the hotel,” he says.

The staff of the hotel believe that it is not an exaggeration; “most friendly “staff” though the contest may come in degrees. If it falls your way to the hotel, The staff, the restaurant, the pool restaurant, the waiter run through yourself by the brain to make you feel special, you’ll see that he makes vast. Special delights of Turkish coffee cups, you never forget how the BlackBerry syrup at the entrance to the hotel. A separate section in the kitchen of the hotel commendable. Yozgatli Ali Master of cuisine, limak won’t compromise on quality. I can’t describe what to say about the spa part of the hotel. I can offer you definitely made your vacation before you take off massage lady only.

Stay at limak thermal boutique hotel, Turkey’s first thermal boutique you said You do not come to feel the nobility of the Republican period and even in passing I suggest.

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