Erdogan spoke during a meeting of the headmen.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke during a meeting of the headmen. The reaction continued here academics of the Declaration of Erdogan. From Erdogan’s speech at the beginning of the line;

The whole country, the whole nation, a handful of elite of the circular, the self-intellectuals, academics, directed by lumpen said the old Turkey is gone.

This is propaganda for a terrorist organisation. If you are the best Academician that you must know. You do you hold the integrity of Turkey to the Union? Why are you talking in the jargon of the terrorist organization?

The state of the terrorist organization won’t be next to a citizen who is exposed to the pressure?
It’s not a terrorist organization, and civilians, but soldiers, police attack so that there’s a morbid thought.
Fatwa to attack the terrorist organization that gives public officials ‘ own academic I hate this mindset. Erdoğan said.

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