Apple is gathering the cables in the back

Apple has launched a replacement program to solve problems in the device with the USB-C cable. Apparently the USB-C cables, faced with a new problem. A new Apple announcement, distributed by the company in the past year between the months of April and June USB-C cables has initiated a worldwide replacement program for.

Cable, 12-inch Retina MacBook have been given, and were sold on the Apple Store. According to Apple, The design of these cables to stop working due to an error all of a sudden it comes. As a result of this may not charge your MacBook is charging with a cable, or problematic, when in a discontinuous manner may be charged.

The company have wiped out this problem. months corrected to a USB-C cables sells, but this is the first MacBook buyers, was confronted with a troubled cable.

Problematic for buyers to Apple this month sent a new cable. One of the remaining people go to the Apple Store or Apple need to contact customer service. Also problematic for people who have to buy a new cable and the original Cable A REFUND may be made.

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