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A New Style of Life in Sofia

Mladost County is located on the southeast of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is 5 minute distance to the airport.


Project Area: 31.500 sqm

Construction Area : 140.000 sqm

Total Properties: 1049

Total Floor Count: Vitosha Residence (19 floors), Pirin Residence (22 floors), Rodopi Residence (17 floors), Rila Residence & Swiss Hotel (30 floors)

Block: 4

Property Types:  Studio, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1

Start Date: September 2015

End Date: September 2018


Social Activites

  • Shopping Mall
  • Swiss Hotel
  • Hospital (2900 square meters)
  • Skiing Center.
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Bath
  • Reasturants
  • Kiding Park
  • Jungel
  • Fitness Center
  • SPA
  • Playgrounds
  • Hiking Trail

General Information

This project that has drawn great attention as the first hybrid project to be undertaken in Bulgaria will be situated on an area of 40,000 square meters displaying modern architectural lines. 40% of the project site will be landscaped and the shopping center will render the area a center of attraction for all age groups.

The blocks that are named after the most well known mountains in Bulgaria, have been assigned their names based on their heights;

RODOPI RESIDENCE (17 floors) and

The blocks that are designed in modular architecture to provide the utmost comfort and suit your tastes are being offered for your choice.

The options involving Studio, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 units offer you the opportunity to choose from among varied living spaces in different sizes based on your wishes.

1+0 Apartment Units:
Available from 40 to 65.5 square meters
1+1 Apartment Units:
These units, which change between 59 m2 to 76 m2 in terms of the size of living space available, come with their own gardens in sizes ranging from 8 m2 to 40 m2.
2+1 Apartment Units:
These units, available in sizes from 81 m2 to 118 m2, can optionally have their
own terraces.
3+1 Apartment Units:
These units, available in sizes from 120 m2 to 146 m2, have their own terraces of 24 m2.

The first 17 floors of 30-floor Rila Residence & Hotel that has a modern architectural design facing Vitosha Mountain will be housing Swiss Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels across the world. The floors from 18 to 30 will on the other hand house the residential units.

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Shopping Center
Project’s Shopping Center, which has garnered great interest in Istanbul as well as in the four other countries that it was built in, will offer selections from most prestigious brands across the world while making it possible for the visitors to enjoy outdoor shopping regardless of the season.

In addition to the hospital available in the area, a clinic shall be operating from the 1st floor of The Project providing services in facilities covering 2900 square meters. The talks with the most prestigious and reliable brands in Turkey are still ongoing.

This Project brings everything you need to your doorstep to ensure a comfortable life style…

In addition to the subway station currently located in the project site, an underground passage will ensure direct access to The Project from the station.

Vitosha Mountain

This Project directly faces Vitosha Mountain, which is the most famous mountain in Sofia that houses the facilities of the world known Skiing Center.

For this reason the first block that we will be opening for sale has been named after Vitosha Mountain. The units that face the breathtaking scenery can, any time, take advantage of the clean air and skiing opportunities offered by this mountain with snowy hillsides..

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Mladost County is located on the southeast of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is 5 minute distance to the airport. The project is located at the center of a triangle made up of the city center, business district and airport. The site that is very easily accessible has direct access to the main roads that connect Mladost to the other districts. Moreover, it is located at the point where the most important two subway lines connecting the city and business district to the airport intersect. Most importantly, the project shall merge with the subway line under the ground and a direct exit to the project from the subway line shall be provided.


Starting Price: 80.000 EUR

*Cash Discount Avaible

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