5SE the release date of the iPhone became clear.

iPhone 5S, on the evening of March 22 in conjunction with couple of a new Apple product will be presented.
So far the promotion is expected to be made on the 15th of March. However, re/code, according to sources who talked with the event, will take place on March 22.
At the event a 4-inch iPhone 5se on the side, and the new Apple watch strap to the emergence of a new iPad is expected. In the meantime, so far “iPhone 5S” as we know it is rumored that the name may be different 4 inch of the iPhone.
The iPhone 5s claims in the name 9to5mac “5” iPhone that Apple may have to settle for the name of the SE will be unnecessary. The “SE” probably “special edition” (special version) represents the initials of the words.

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