4.5 g instead of the screen Why does LTE?

4.5 g LTE instead of the last screen users see the article. Well, what does LTE mean?

4.5 g came into use in Turkey. New technology to visibly enhance the speed of mobile Internet 4.5 g LTE smart phone screens instead of writing the article saw recently.

What’s The Difference Between 4.5 G With LTE?

LTE (Long Term Evolution) network technologies based on high-speed wireless data transmission name.

4.5 g LTE speed, which is another name for high-speed mobile Internet it is possible to define as the given name.

Unlike 2G or 3G connection like LTE is completely IP-based. The wireless Internet that we use in our homes an IP-based connection can do anything which can do LTE, compared to 3G internet speed provides approximately 10 times.

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